Information on the treatment of personal information

Any personal information relating to signing-up for information about the project will be treated in the following manner. It is important that you understand the treatment.

1. The responsible party:

The party responsible under the law for treating the personal information correctly is the EU Seventh Framework Program: FamiliesAndSocieties. The ombudsperson with respect to personal information is Livia Sz. Oláh, Project coordinator.

The address is:

Livia Sz. Oláh, Associate Professor,
Dept. of Sociology,
Stockholm University 10691 Stockholm, Sweden

2. The objective for treating the personal information:

Personal information is collected in connection with the sign-ups by those parties interested in the project and will be used to send out information concerning the project and to keep those parties interested updated as to different aspects, such as publications related to the project.

3. The information that is treated:

The personal information we treat is that which is collected with the sign-ups as well as other information gathered in order to hold those parties so interested updated as to the project. The information includes names, organizations, positions if specified, and e-mail addresses.

4. The party receiving the information:

The information will be used internally in the project for the objective of keeping those parties so interested updated as to the project.

5. Right to a copy of the information registered:

You have, according to Section 26 of the Personal Information Data Privacy Act the right, once a year, to freely receive information as to the personal information concerning you that is treated by us. If you wish a copy of such information, you can send such a signed request in writing to the ombudsperson, Livia Sz. Oláh. If your personal information is being treated in a manner that is conflict that same act, according to Section 28 you can request that the personal information be corrected, blocked or deleted.”