Second annual meeting


The FamiliesAndSocieties second annual consortium meeting was held at the Center for Human and Social Sciences, Spanish National Research Council (CCHS-CSIC), Madrid, Spain, on January 14-16, 2015. The primary aim of this mid-term meeting was to provide a progress overview on the first two years of the project and to strengthen contacts between researchers and stakeholders.

Prof. Sara Arber from the University of Surrey, UK, provided the keynote speech: “Changing nature of inequalities in later life”, followed by a presentation by Daphne Nathalie Ahrendt from Eurofound on “Measures to improve the situation of disadvantaged families in Europe”, and on “The latest developments in Horizon 2020 societal challenge 6” by Monica Menapace, Project Officer from the European Commission. Prof. Bradley Sears, the Williams Inst. at UCLA, USA talked about “The role of research advancing family equality in the US”. Members of the FamiliesAndSocieties Advisory Board engaged in panel discussions on research issues (Professors Mary Brinton, Elizabeth Thomson and Uwe Uhlendorff) and on policy matters (Prof. Ronald Rindfuss, Mrs. Eleonora Hostasch and Dr. Fred Deven).

In addition to the one-and-a-half-day long plenary, the program included internal work package discussions as well as a workshop on legal aspects of same-sex families. About 110 participants attended the meeting: members of the research teams from the 28 partner organizations, six Advisory Board members and representatives of 25 stakeholder organizations (six international organizations and national stakeholders from 14 countries).