Working paper 13(2014)

Report: Country-specific case studies on partnership dynamics among immigrants and their descendants

Introduction: Hill Kulu
Estonia: Leen Rahnu, Allan Puur, Luule Sakkeus, and Martin Klesment
France: Ariane Pailhé
Switzerland: Andrés Guarin and Laura Bernardi
United Kingdom: Tina Hannemann and Hill Kulu
Sweden: Kirk Scott, Gunnar Andersson and Ognjen Obucina
Spain: Amparo González-Ferrer, Marta Séiz, Teresa Castro-Martín, and Teresa Martín-Garcia

Abstract: This report consists of six case studies on partnership trajectories among immigrants and their descendants by comparing their patterns to those of the ‘native’ population. The countries that are included in the analysis are Estonia, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Sweden and Spain. The analysis shows significant differences in partnership formation and dissolution between immigrants, their descendants and the ‘native’ population in all six countries.

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