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Fertility Among Immigrants’ Descendants: A nuanced evolution

Kulu, H. et al. Read more


Are Immigrants Maintaining Fertility Levels of their Home Countries?

Puur, A. et al. Read more


Impact of Divorce on Children of Immigrants

Erman, J and Härkönen, J. Read more



Equality at home is a question of her career

Fahlén, S. Read more


You lose more, when you have more to lose

Bernardi, F. and Boertien, D.Read more


Women’s Employment

Steiber, N., Berghammer, C. and Haas, B. Read more


Don’t blame separation

Bernardi, F. and Boertien, D. Read more


Can Living Arrangements Influence Child Mental Health?

Fransson, E., Turunen, J., Hjern, A. et al. Read more


12 DNA areas ‘linked with the age at which we have our first child and family size’

Barban, N. et al. and Mills, M. C. Read more


Can education reduce inequalities among children?
Long-term effects of attending preschool

Cebolla-Boado, H., Radl, J. and Salazar, L. Read more


The Evolving Family
Ageing without children

Ivanova, K. and Dykstra, P. Read more


Time and risks
Parental supervision and risky behaviour of teenagers in the U.S.

See, S. G. Read more


The changing link between fertility, gender, and career in Europe
New evidence from Switzerland

Hanappi, D., Ryser, V.-A. and Bernardi, L. Read more


New generation, new relationships?
Immigrant generations and partnership dynamics in France

Pailhé, A. Read more


Caring for older parents – is it a matter of social norms?
Norms of family obligations and actual support provided to parents: a cross-national approach

Mureşan, C. and Hărăguş, P.-T. Read more


Who is taking care of babies?
Decisions on sharing parental leave among couples in Austria

Schmidt, E.-M., Rieder, I., Zartler, U., Schadler, C. and Richter, R. Read more


Disadvantaged for being the youngest?
The impact of one’s month of birth on the chances of being continuously
promoted throughout primary education in France

Bernardi, F. Read more


Diversity in partnership dynamics
Marriage and divorce of immigrants and descendants of immigrants in Sweden

Andersson, G., Obucina, O., and Scott, K. Read more


Does a short paternity leave influence practices of fatherhood?
Effects of paternity leave schemes offered by employers in Switzerland

Valarino, I. and Gauthier, J. – A. Read more


Only some do suffer
The social gradient of the influence of parental separation on children’s educational outcomes

Grätz, M. Read more


Less in the family
Changing care ideals in the Netherlands

Van den Broek, T., Dykstra, P. A., and Van der Veen, R. J.  Read more


A boost for mothers and their offspring
More public childcare vacancies can support maternal employment

and improve children’s future development

Brilli, Y., Del Boca, D., and Pronzato C. D. Read more


A proxy for integration?
Family patterns of immigrants and their descendants in Estonia

Rahnu, L. ; Puur, A., Sakkeus, L., and Klesment, M. Read more


Immigrants’ choices when starting a family
Partnering and re-partnering in the UK

Hannemann, T. and Kulu, H. Read more


The emergence of a care and domestic migrant underclass

Hellgren, Z. Read more


Paperless marriages with children?
Towards a convergence of childbearing among cohabiters across social classes in Latin America

Laplante, B., Castro-Martín, T., and Martín-García, T. Read more


Childlessness intentions and ideals in Europe

Miettinen, A. and Szalma, I. Read more


Equal rights linked to more commitment
Relationship preferences among gay and lesbian online daters:
Individual and contextual influences

Potârcă, G., Mills, M., and Neberich, W. Read more


Money can’t buy time
Household choices and child development

Del Boca, D., Flinn, C., and Wiswall, M. Read more


Don’t blame contraception
The reproductive context of cohabitation in comparative perspective:

Contraceptive use in the United States, Spain and France

Sweeney, M., Castro-Martin, T., and Mills, M. Read more


Fancy the familiar
Racial preferences in online dating across European countries

Potârcă, G. and Mills, M. Read more


Is help always helpful?
Receiving instrumental support in late parent-child relationships and parental depression

Djundeva, M., Mills, M., Wittek, R., and Steverink, N. Read more


Why odd times suit working mothers
Non-standard work schedules and childbearing in the Netherlands:
A mixed-method couple analysis

Begall, K., Mills, M., and Ganzeboom, H. B. G. Read more


Hurt feelings?
A new study explores family contexts and adolescents’ emotional status

Meggiolaro S. and Ongaro F. Read more


Papa, his new wife, their baby and me
How half-siblings affect adolescent educational outcomes

Turunen, J. Read more


Who is doing it again?
Varying association between education and second births in Europe:
Comparative analysis based on the EU-SILC data

Klesment, M., Puur, A., Rahnu, L., and Sakkeus, L. Read more


Changed experience, unchanged effect
Parental divorce, psychological well-being and educational attainment among
Swedes born 1892–1991

Gähler, M. and Palmtag, E-L. Read more


Missing the bigger picture
More life course research and European comparisons are needed about
immigrant and ethnic minority families

Kulu, H. and González Ferrer, A. Read more


Mixing does not always lead to matching
Exploring divorce risks for immigrant-native couples in Germany

Kulu, H. and Milewski, N. Read more


Versatile designs of life
Fertility intentions among cohabiters
across Europe

Castro-Martin, T. and Hiekel, N. Read more


“Divorce-damages” on education
The long-term divorce consequences and the probability of a university degree

Bernardi, F. and Radl. J. Read more


Where are the children?
Fertility in advanced societies: a review of research

Balbo N., Billari F.C., and Mills M. Read more


Measuring Homophobia
Do different questions lead to different results?

Takács J. and Szalma, I. Read more


Similar goals, different effects
Family policies in the context of low fertility and social structure

Fent T., Aparicio Diaz B. and Prskawetz A. Read more


More work, less wage
The economic impact of taking short parental leave

Joseph O., Pailhe A., Recotillet I. and Solaz A. Read more


The benefit of having a wife
To what extent are partners and adult children substitutes for unskilled public care?

Schenk N., Dykstra P., Maas I. and Van Gaalen R. Read more