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Working paper 8(2014)

Identification of same-sex couples and families in censuses, registers and surveys

By Clara Cortina and Patrick Festy

Abstract: Enumerating same-sex couples and families is much more difficult than it may seem. A basic reason is the small size of the group, in absolute and in relative terms compared to opposite-sex couples. The purpose of this document is to evaluate the possibilities of identification of same-sex couples and families with such data sources

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Working paper 7(2014)

Family policies and diversity in Europe: The state-of-the-art regarding fertility, work, care, leave, laws and self-sufficiency

Edited by Olivier Thévenon and Gerda Neyer

Abstract: This document provides an overview over existing knowledge of key policy issues related to families and societies in Europe.

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Working paper 6(2014)

State-of-the-art report
Changes in the life course

By Ariane Pailhé, Dimitri Mortelmans, Teresa Castro, Clara Cortina Trilla, Marie Digoix, Patrick Festy, Sandra Krapf, Michaela Kreyenfeld, Vicky Lyssens-Danneboom, Teresa Martín-García, Wilfried Rault, Olivier Thévenon, Laurent Toulemon

Abstract: The dynamics of family formation and disruption have changed in contemporary societies. This report contains a comprehensive literature overview of state-of-the-art knowledge about the dynamics of the development of family constellations and non-standard families.

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Working paper 5(2013)

State-of-the-art report
A Family-Related Foresight Approach

By Paola di Giulio, Thomas Fent, Dimiter Philipov, Jana Vobecká and Maria Winkler-Dworak

Abstract: This report discusses the substantive and methodological background for the construction and application of a family-related foresight method.


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Working paper 4(2013)

State-of-the-art report
Effects of family forms and dynamics on children’s well-being and life chances: literature review

By Fabrizio Bernardi, Juho Härkönen, and Diederik Boertien, with Linus Andersson Rydell, Kim Bastaits, and Dimitri Mortelmans

Abstract: In this report, we review literature on the effects of family forms and dynamics on children’s well-being.

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Working paper 3(2013)

State-of-the-art report
Family Dynamics among Immigrants and their Descendants in Europe: Current Research and Opportunities

By Hill Kulu and Amparo González-Ferrer

Abstract: This paper reviews and evaluates recent research on family dynamics among immigrants and their descendants in Europe. While there is a large body of literature on various aspects of immigrant lives in Europe, research on family dynamics has emerged only in the last decade.

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Working paper 2(2013)

State-of-the-art report
Child care arrangements: determinants and consequences

By Ylenia Brilli, Daniela Del Boca and Chiara Monfardini

Abstract: This report summarizes the most recent empirical research on the effects of non-parental and household time investments on child development. The results from the studies considering non-parental child care policies are presented taking into account the timing of the intervention.

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Working paper 1(2013)

State-of-the-art report
Intergenerational linkages in families

By Pearl A. Dykstra, Thijs van den Broek, Cornelia Muresan, Mihaela Haragus,
Paul-Teodor Haragus, Anita Abramowska-Kmon, Irena E. Kotowska

Abstract: We present a state-of-the-art of the literature on linkages between generations within families. We focus specifically on intergenerational coresidence, upward and downward intergenerational transfers in families and the relationship between norms of family obligation and intergenerational transfers.

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